Dunbrody History Trip

PHOTO-2023-03-03-14-21-07 PHOTO-2023-03-03-14-21-07_1 PHOTO-2023-03-03-14-21-08_1 PHOTO-2023-03-03-14-21-08 PHOTO-2023-03-03-14-21-07_3 PHOTO-2023-03-03-14-21-07_2 PHOTO-2023-03-03-14-21-06_1 PHOTO-2023-03-03-14-21-05 PHOTO-2023-03-03-14-21-06 PHOTO-2023-03-03-14-21-05_3 PHOTO-2023-03-03-14-21-05_2 PHOTO-2023-03-03-14-21-05_1


Our 5th and 6th classes visited the Dunbrody Famine Ship recently as part of their History curriculum where they learned all about the history of the ship. It was a fantastic experience and everyone had a great time while learning first hand about Famine times, emigtration and conditions onboard coffin ships in the 1800’s. Here are some pictures of Ms Minnock’s class onboard!

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