Green Flag

St.Fiacc’s Green Schools Committee is up and running for the year ahead!

This year St Fiacc’s Green Schools Committee will be investigating the topic Global Citizenship: Marine Environment. As part of this topic we will be learning all about pollution in our rivers, seas and oceans. We will investigate how our school can help to reduce this pollution and raise awareness about the impact it has on wildlife and people all around the world. St. Fiacc’s has a great commitment to our environment and we have already been awarded a Green Flag for Litter, Energy and Water.

Here is our committee:


We have been working very hard over the last few months; here are just some of the things that we have gotten up to!

  • We elected our Green School’s Committee.
  • We conducted a survey to find out how much our students and teachers knew about the marine environment.
  • We talked to the school about what the marine environment is and how it is being polluted.

Our first task of the year was to complete a 2 minute beach or river clean. We collected our materials and headed off to the River Barrow to see if there was much rubbish polluting our river. We were happy to see that there wasn’t as much rubbish as we had thought there would be. On our way we found a lot of rubbish on the path so we cleaned that up too!

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