General School Details

1. History of St. Fiacc’s

In the early days of the history of our school, boys and girls were educated separately. The boys’ school opened in 1825 and the girls’ school opened in 1875. These schools were replaced in the 1940s by a modern eight room school. This was named St Fiacc’s. Boys and girls continued to be educated separately.

In 1991 the present St Fiacc’s NS was opened on a large green field site situated on the Killeshin road. The local community built and funded a large general purpose sports hall attached. The old building, near the local church, was renovated and now enjoys life as Graiguecullen swimming pool.

As the local population grew, the school building was extended with extra classrooms and learning support suites added in 2008 and officially opened by Bishop James Moriarty.

St Fiacc’s today, is a co-educational urban Catholic school serving the Graiguecullen community. The school hosts 605 pupils and many nationalities. It has 24 classrooms and a dedicated Special Educational Needs/English as an Additional Language Team.

Our School Crest

Fírinne le Misneach is our school motto which translates as Truth with courage.

Courage is the energy of truth in your heart. Truth is not just a word but a way of life. Courage doesn’t always roar; sometimes courage is a little voice at the end of the day that says ” I’ll try again tomorrow”.

The circle represents inclusivity.

Our school and community work together to help children learn as future citizens and lifelong learners. The school aims to serve its community by providing an education for pupils of all ages abilities and backgrounds. It fosters an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith. It promotes Christian values and spiritual development through the experience it offers to all its pupils.

The boy and girl

In our co-educational, multi-cultural school, our learners are motivated and challenged in a creative, enjoyable and secure environment. Building high self-esteem, motivation, skills and knowledge to succeed in life is integral to their learning journey.

The Celtic Cross copied from “The Croppy Grave” memorial at ’98 Street.

In our community of Graiguecullen, this celtic cross stands as a monument to honour the United Irishmen of 1798 who are buried there. The Croppies Grave at ’98 Street, Graiguecullen, is the last resting place for more than 600 United Irishmen who died in action in the early morning of May 25th 1798.

Our Anthem

The Boys and Girls of St Fiacc’s

From the Croppies’ Graves to the babbling Burrin Stream

From the Barrow’s bonny banks to the hills of Gleann Uinsin

Every burning heart is longing just to be

One of the boys and girls of St Fiacc’s


We wear our crest and of it we are proud

We sing our song we sing it sweet and loud

On every street they’ll be lining out to see

The boys and girls of St Fiacc’s


Siuilfimid le cheile athas in ar gcroithe

Leanfaimid ar aghaidh lamh I lamh le Chriost

United we stand true in our belief

The boys and girls of St Fiacc’s


Then and now and always we will be

One of the boys and girls of St Fiacc’s.


2. Personnel

Board of Management

Mr John Brennan (Principal); Miss Lillian Fogarty (Chairperson); Miss Theresa Sheehan (Patron’s Nominee); Miss Liliana Cachia; Mr Joseph FitzPatrick (Parents’ Nominees); Mr John Hovenden; Miss Aine Shiel (Community Representatives); Mr Pauric Bolton (Teacher Nominee)