Video Clips


This anti bullying song was written and composed by Mr Justin Kelly. The video was recorded and produced by Mr Kevin Keogh. The video was created to reflect the diversity and inclusivity of our school. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


This short movie beautifully exposes the journey of our 6th class pupil Arsenii from Ukraine to Ireland. The movie was produced by 6th class teacher Mr Kevin Keogh and his film club. The accompanying music was composed by 6th class teacher Mr Jack O’ Flaherty.

Student Council Digital Newsletter


This short video captures the inclusivity and diversity of our school. Mile buiochas to to our 6th class teacher Mr Kevin Keogh who produced this beautiful montage that will give you a flavour of the values and activities that we promote at St. Fiacc’s. (Music credit Maverick Sabre)