STEM – Floating and Sinking

57E428BC-61C1-42E0-BEDB-1FBB854EBF22 910DB786-ED18-48D8-AC4A-7D39AB2D2E5F 0D0300B1-3066-403B-9540-CB5D1F2A5FAE B32766C3-E818-4925-A8CB-D2F4376D3B62 8D5520A7-26C1-490A-863A-ED01B92F2963 BFE1290E-7853-4CD9-AB23-6B264A078C68 2C38B5F0-38B9-4AEB-8463-E702AC69340E A2159F96-8E34-4D4F-B929-61EE2A4D1A23 8452E3B3-E0D9-4CAB-A3E6-A008F13202BD

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