Full Attendance 2019 – 2020

34  Pupils achieved Full Attendance from September 1st 2019 – March 13th 2020

J Inf (6) Darragh Shannon Jason Ghiorghita Callum Hurley Patrick Horahan Jakub Kmiec Kealy McCarthy

S Inf (1) Gabriel Collantes

1st (5) Cian O Shea Amelia Fraser Szymon Szymanski Emilja Cachia Victor Kadela

2nd (5) Maria Antal Holly Hernan Lexi Hernan Kelsi Timmons Vera Collantes

3rd (3) Mohamed Hassan MJ Haughney Jamaal Adegoke

4th (4) Laura Antal Kaetlyn Nolan Emma Shaw Jakub Szymanski

5th (5) Kaila Keating Ruby Donovan Coakley Abbey O’ Shea Szymon Matla
Karolina O’ Neill

6th (5) Natalia Slawatycka Ruby Horahan Gabriella Sibanda Alim Ayeni Ubayd Nakiyemba

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St. Fiacc’s NS Award Winners 2020

Well done to the following pupils who were recipients of Model Pupil and Student of the Year Awards for the school year 2019 – 2020.


June 2020

Class Teacher Model Pupil Award Student of the Year Award


Ms.Doyle Evie Salter Scully Ellie Dargan


Ms.Payne Anna Kisznyer Patrick Horahan
  Ms.O’Brien / Ms.Whelan Iana Abbey Callym Hurley
Sen. Infants Ms.Reddy


Bianka Fryklewicz Althea Byrne


Jan Gruba Lucy Abbey


Lucija Cachia Lukasz Smolarek
First Class Ms.Hogan Viktor Kadela Adam Duggan


  Ms.Davitt Adam Kisznyer Julia Sykula


  Ms.Kinsella Elisa Silva De Melo Szymon Szymanski


















June 2020

Class Teacher Model Pupil of the Year 2019 – 2020 Student of the Year

2019 – 2029

Second Class Ms.Kavanagh Vera Gutierrez Collantes Leah Horahan


  Ms.Byrne Pietru Cachia Emily Nolan


Third Class Ms.Mullen Lea Chividzhiyan Szymon Krupinksi




Jodie Shannon M.J Haughney
  Ms. Coakley


Azeezat Kohumo Richard Hayfron
Fourth Class Ms.Luby Maia Iovitoni Killian Scully Keightley
  Ms.Ivory Joey Nolan Carley Corcoran


  Ms.Hennessy Philip Kadela Natalia Mitrega


Fifth Class Ms.Scully Daniel Nolan Ryan Dermody




Adam Szczepanski Aimee Nolan


Fernando Luna Hanna Kefah
Sixth Class Ms.Minnock


Christina McGrath Robin Guzik


Lar Brennan Whelan Kyle McDonald


Hanna Sallai Maia O Connor








Award Winner Class
Cian Delaney Creative Writing Trophy


 1st :Ruby Horahan


Title of the story:

Tilly and the Giants

Mr. Nolan’s Sixth  Class
  2nd :Hayley Haughney


Title  of the story:

Ellie’s  Story

Ms.Minnock’s Sixth Class
  3rd : Ella  Matthews


Title of the story:

The Dream Job.

Ms.Delaney’s Sixth Class

The Heather Cowan Memorial Trophy



Ruby Horahan


Mr. Nolan’s Sixth Class



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GAA Kahoot!

Test your GAA knowledge with this simple Kahoot! Quiz- Prizes for best participants


Game PIN: 08471008- Type into Kahoot! Website


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Athletics Kahoot!

I hope you are all enjoying our Virtual Active Schools Week –

Have a go at a simple Athletics Kahoot! Quiz to test your sporting knowledge (Only 10 questions!) Follow link below;


Game PIN: 01767609- Put into Kahoot! Website

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Junior Kahoot!

Hi guys well done last week- there was a great number of pupils who did our Junior Kahoot! This week we are going to test you on your nursery rhymes- you might need help from your family members- Enjoy


Game Pin-05996337 (Type into Kahoot! Website)

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Gaeilge Kahoot!

Bain triail as an Kahoot! seo, níl ach 16 ceisteanna!



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Counties of Ireland Kahoot!

Well done to all last weeks participants- Special mention to the Matthews’ and R Horohan who are putting in a super effort every week. This week AJ Bolger put in a great performance also along with lots of others-Remember it’s a bit of fun! This week try out out Counties of Ireland Quiz- 20 questions below

GAME PIN=05064618


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Junior Kahoot! Counting Quiz

Please click below for a Junior Table Quiz for Infants to 2nd class- It’s a counting quiz so some infants may need some help from someone older at home! Have a go and I’ll put another Junior one up next week also! Prizes for winners and best participants! Enjoy!


Click link above to log into Kahoot! website and type in this Game PIN: 0756539

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Kahoot! Table Quiz 6

Congrats to Ross F, Antoni and Ella M who were victorious last week with 100% records on European Flags! Very impressive indeed! Closely behind were Ruby H, Ronan F and Hannah M with brilliant scores also. Please pick up your prize from Mr Bolton when we’re back in !

This week’s Table Quiz is back to General Knowledge- Follow the link below


Alternatively go to the Kahoot! Website and type in this Game PIN: 03600459

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Kahoot! Quiz 5- European Flags

Well done to Tomas B for winning last week’s quiz- Close behind were Hannah N, Ella M, Ruby H, Ella R, Antoni, Shauna F and Ricky M- Please collect prizes from me when we’re all back in! This week we will mix it up with a Quiz on European Flags- Best of luck!! (Remember to look them up first, do a little study and then take the quiz!)

Game PIN: 02686678- Enter into Kahoot! Website or follow link below;



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Kahoot! Quiz No 4

Click on the link below for this weeks Kahoot! Quiz. Or enter this Game Pin Game PIN:Game PIN: 09500294


Well done to Last weeks winners- Ella and Conor Matthews and Ella Redmond- Collect your prizes from Mr Bolton when we are back at school- Please put your real names in or you won’t be considered for a prize as I won’t know who you are!

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Kahoot! Quiz 3

Hi guys,

Quiz Week 3 is now Live!!!- Please go to Kahoot! website and type in the access code 04984072

Almost 70 pupils played our last quiz- Congrats to Coco.1, Nicole, Saoirse and Ella for topping the leaderboard for the quiz! Very high standard set indeed.  Please collect your prizes from Mr Bolton when we get back to school.

Also in future for contestants, please put your full name in instead of nicknames if you want to be in with a chance of winning a prize as I can’t recognise who you are if I can’t see your full name- Well done to all who played and enjoy this weeks quiz!

Mr Bolton

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Kahoot! Quiz 2

We had great participation with our first fun online Table Quiz with almost 90 children participating! Huge thanks to Mr Farrell in Askea BNS for sharing questions with me.

Congrats to Ricky who came in Top spot and Tom B who wasn’t far behind! Pick up your prizes from me when we get back to school. Mr Bolton

We have 30 Brand new questions for you for this week- Type Kahoot! into google and put in this game pin- 0744458- Best of Luck!

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Online Quiz every Week on this Blog!

Hi guys,

Unfortunately we are not sure when we will be back at school. At the start of every week, I will now put up an online Kahoot! Quiz on this blog to keep all our senior students actively learning at home while still having fun. You can play the quiz as a family group, with siblings or individually. Just type Kahoot!.it  into google, go into the website and put in this access code in for our first quiz (30 questions)-  0332202

It couldn’t be easier, Best of luck!

PS)I will have spot prizes for the weekly winners and for our most regular participants.

Mr Bolton


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Tráth na gCeist


Table Quiz

Bhí Tráth na gCeist iontach againn ar an Cheadaoin i rith Seachtaine na Gaeilge. Comhghairdeas do na buaiteoirí go léir. Go raibh maith agat Ms Fleming as an tráth na gceist a eagrú. 

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VEX Robotics in IT Carlow



IMG_0690 IMG_0692 IMG_0693 IMG_0695 IMG_0685 IMG_0686 IMG_0687 IMG_0688 IMG_0689


We had a fantastic day in IT Carlow today with our VEX students. We performed extremely well in the competition and thanks to Mr Kelly for all his hard work on the project. Well done to all our students who took part in this great initiative.

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Science Show in Carlow IT

This gallery contains 9 photos.

    Our 5th classes attended a Forces Science show with Sue in Carlow IT yesterday. It was a fantastic hands on presentation and we had a great time and learned lots about magnetism, electricity, gravity and other forces.

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First class made Brazilian Carnival Masks today as part of all their learning about Brazil 45DFC291-2E45-4BF0-9905-9D8208E2602F

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Catholic Schools Week Room 10

IMG-5770 IMG-5771 IMG-5762 IMG-5761 IMG-5759 IMG-4828

Room 10 have had a lovely week. It was fun making St. Brigid’s crosses, meeting grandparents and thinking about and designing posters for how we can look after the earth.

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Grandparents Day

PHOTO-2020-01-29-11-00-01 PHOTO-2020-01-29-11-00-01_1 PHOTO-2020-01-29-11-00-01_2 PHOTO-2020-01-29-11-00-01_3 PHOTO-2020-01-29-10-59-56 PHOTO-2020-01-29-10-59-56_1 PHOTO-2020-01-29-10-59-57 PHOTO-2020-01-29-10-59-57_1 PHOTO-2020-01-29-10-59-58 PHOTO-2020-01-29-10-59-59 PHOTO-2020-01-29-10-59-59_1 PHOTO-2020-01-29-10-59-59_2 PHOTO-2020-01-29-11-00-00 PHOTO-2020-01-29-11-00-00_1 PHOTO-2020-01-29-11-00-00_2 PHOTO-2020-01-29-11-00-00_3

Thanks to all our wonderful Grandparents for coming into the school on Wednesday morning as part of Catholic School’s Week. We had a fantastic morning and children got a great insight into what school was like in the not too distant past! Also a huge thank you to our Parents Association for ensuring that there was tea/coffee and treats made available for grandparents after visiting the classes.

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