Minecraft Education

IMG_5263 IMG_5266 IMG_5265

6th Classes are exploring Minecraft Education as part of our Digital Framework for the school. Children are using Code to navigate their way through a series of tasks. We are looking forward to more fresh challenges in the coming weeks.

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6 Week Cricket Programme

We are always really happy in St Fiacc’s to try out new sports so we are delighted that Leinster Cricket Coach, Jimmy Dooley, is coaching numerous classes as part of a 6 Week Cricket programme in school. Great fun was had this week and we are looking forward to the next session already. A huge thanks to Mr Nolan for organising!IMG_5246 IMG_5247 IMG_5248 IMG_5249 IMG_5252 IMG_5255 IMG_5257 IMG_5258

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IMG_5232 IMG_5233 IMG_5235 IMG_5234 IMG_5231

6th Class on their sixth session of chess this afternoon, learning about how the Rook moves- we are all nearly there playing full rules!

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IMG_5081 IMG_5080


We celebrated the start of Advent today at Assembly and the Advent Sacred Spaces are on full view in the main lobby. Pat is going to be busy over the next two weeks getting the Crib ready as we prepare for Christmas.

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6th Class Coding

IMG_5079 IMG_5078 IMG_5077 IMG_5075 IMG_5074

Today we were working on an hour of Code as part of our STEM programme here in St Fiacc’s. Children were creating a dance party following on from the Minecraft experience last week!

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Assembly:Gareth Brooks Visit

IMG_5073 IMG_5070 IMG_5072

We are using our IT Boards in classrooms throughout the school to access Assembly throughout the past two years. Today, Mr Brennan was joined by 6th class for an Advent service, our gardening correspondant along with Ms Fleming and we also had a special visit from a dodgy looking Gareth Brooks live from his ranch in Colorado! We are using IT to the full here in St Fiacc’s to ensure that the children are not missing out on all the latest school news!

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Fun in Ms Doyle’s Junior Infant class

We have really been enjoying ourselves in Junior Infants so far this year, with lots of Aistear Play and STEM activities to keep us busy!
1FFCD278-44E9-4333-8DF2-2FDA0ACCDAD5 DFADEE4D-5610-4944-8889-7B49CBAD4FD4 AEF37EBD-1F9C-4A18-A8B2-E48AFBB39EAD E0CE58C0-BFC2-40FF-B29C-FA608DD7B74E 47DFCE85-0225-453E-A8A4-E7A955FDA48B 6ADFD874-9A55-4843-8D42-83ACF06FF43D 72396171-AB7B-4BF3-95B5-3EBC56D224BE 590BE075-E2B9-4308-84D3-7DB5F25B57E2 CAB48370-63F5-4938-96AF-782AEFB7A2A6 0E6AF11E-13CB-4713-8FD2-1B85032E3CC2 E99693BA-5841-4B61-BDDB-8B4BFC5F3642 051776E2-6ACA-442E-B570-D3031607E0D5 568C0878-4054-4479-A3BD-C376331841E4 A049B03C-102D-41DC-8250-5361F57D44C8 DF2E019D-EB9D-485E-A4DA-207AFEBD4318 559E4DBB-77D5-4E3D-AE43-CBD4269B9270 5E75FDCD-9812-46D2-A636-DA1C4B7B5288 12714474-DCAB-4BC3-BE73-54D23B538F18 248B5470-0608-4711-820D-20DAF52F86C2 61E9A0D0-3498-41A3-834C-02090DA034E2 BE4DECAD-FC6B-4AC6-953F-BAF246B163E3 9D80F3DE-F37A-4F13-830C-A026A0BE674A 137CA42D-BB9F-43D7-A3D7-B75C50409F62 3B142619-32AE-441F-8AAB-FBD9B3F6B51A 83304A93-FA1A-4C85-8BDE-D8C7097E33DE 67D5716A-DCA4-4BEF-BBCF-55F13F71468C 2E95948B-0A37-4237-8D82-FADAD4E9F04D C794B6B1-4AC9-42C4-9989-3E3A08D541B0 B94AF1BE-451C-487C-B549-AEF59C8C10BD A880F723-71E0-4953-A95F-175A9FC14F76 46BF37EB-6E2B-4301-93DC-742093623962 521D609D-482E-414D-B83A-D831B2703F40 6E2EB2A5-93FB-4023-8FBD-D3C21AFACDFC 82455651-69E6-463B-9ED9-4898544D8220 6F2C1F81-0708-4203-B783-8A1AC27A64B3 43A9D45D-15FF-4247-B76C-7B07CECEA4B5 93D6DDA8-4859-4049-92E1-9705EAD08DC4 A745970C-2A96-4EA4-8F36-59A053079907 60625CF3-B40B-488E-948F-328FDFAEB523 EDD0410A-EC3B-4B57-A604-42873A9FDF68 9F05E508-0871-4EE7-A311-349C649455ED 7C838FCD-A8A4-4058-A0E6-BDD928A5965D F1513AE1-BFD1-4023-B2C7-3FB39031A2F0 AF42B7C5-CFCE-419E-9DAE-67B71B6C0253 EA11B7C0-E999-44A1-994F-B9298AEFC6AF 1D41FB4A-BE45-46C0-8AA9-09C58DFCAF6B 1CF01690-30EC-4E20-BED3-8737960D30A5 626BB8E7-B4CE-4C59-9693-29C18D9EA9A1 B5C5C506-F7B9-4161-BD64-BAC2060D7A74 7BD777AB-6100-49D7-839B-F70F221DC0A0 2C5E2CB3-60E6-4742-B2F5-F12ED26968EF 69EC464D-3A42-45D4-91C4-09770CAB5AA0 EAF472E2-C56F-4D16-B8EB-81C33FAB44C9 B88ABB14-2F0C-4A36-A872-177219E4F879 E8AE59F3-0E61-40B6-9479-551571533FDD F0C8CBB9-27E4-4056-880C-AE6990F74811 6961C8D9-B0D0-4530-8D27-6C5FC960DDA0 C630EDC8-A5F2-4525-8088-773474F8C85F BC81234C-4BA5-4A6A-99D5-B6D00296E7A6 B9CF4F10-5B78-4C0E-8829-7B3C15BBB7B7 C4D5E47D-D9DD-4CE9-B540-74DDBEF06A70 81FF4B1E-B1E6-4AB2-9CBF-FFA1EC8891C9 1132B34B-D85D-4BBC-B433-AA0B9A9A452F D74F60B2-EA54-4D8D-819D-0F6BB3F2870D 38185D6E-0D46-4CA8-8357-DB5FD7A9F111 24CD81F0-1B5C-46E2-92AD-E00532A4E016 1B0E8A5D-5397-420D-8B1B-97A7C1066A1B

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Science week 2021

Third class really enjoyed science week and took part in different activities and investigations. We built tin foil towers, came up with new uses for paper clips, made paper helicopters, measured shadows throughout the day on our sundials, and investigated how many people it would take to stand on a table with balloons underneath before the balloons burst!
























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Science week

Third class had great fun being engineers and scientists for Science Week this week. Here are some photos of all the fun and exciting things we did.

We made some papercopters:

761693F3-2DAB-4EBD-B077-6550557D8DDA99CA3274-7767-43CB-8532-837B90A7189D D1A86D14-B62F-484E-BAF7-8486937D0518 C8996F40-DF69-4EB4-B99D-AC469DEF0F08 99A1F219-E32F-4BDF-A52A-A1062F8016A6 93A79AD4-CA21-4F58-9A1B-4F021C27D867 486E9CB2-758E-4DEB-9AEE-A2C6AB78B38B

We created sundials:


95C4189E-18A0-4786-8B0F-A08E594420F4 7C18F396-80E4-47A7-90AA-910CECC57CD0 6A906F46-C74F-437E-8C5D-8B3858ABBA9E

We created parachutes:


9C7BF834-8365-4B65-8458-A653DD8B5D59 28AE1924-50DC-46B0-BA24-E66F600E0D03 84A7C396-1D2B-4862-9EDE-315C1743E099 30A0BE68-EE04-4856-B5B4-25A0BA7E5ABF 3F8AE2AB-D9F6-439C-938C-76A069F8AC44 14977EBA-B868-4BD9-BC69-309619CFF2A4 A7678565-9402-4B33-83AB-D95CF50814AB

We built tall tinfoil towers:

AA5AD731-3488-4CA7-9EF0-B2E554621ECF 21CE29C5-8A7E-4D28-A1AA-D3DC4F7BE2AB 2B7068BD-0715-4CC3-94F2-03AEE756DC2D C07F5EF3-517B-4DFF-9C8C-118788AA5CDF 871E803F-5AF1-4151-A0C8-860E8A5BE6DE D52BD30A-BA30-4F46-AAAD-5A072137865C 93545320-6520-4414-9A96-04D086759CF3 82CBB3D8-B55B-4BC2-899A-BD824FACD34A 1E3984FA-10E5-49E4-A805-053515B9DAB6 41251F1D-3C37-489A-B12B-8CD6A13758CF 8E16F890-1957-4553-8890-CF7D96EF7C98 01C8236B-6DEA-4211-BF33-03059A294269 1EFA3077-7E7E-4B23-91B8-1E9CEC1542A4

Lastly we created rainbow explosions:

F32BDE15-570A-41D7-BB27-FDCEC9F197C1 616D8468-A963-4E07-86A0-D576F7164F1D ED0D3877-BAB7-4E78-A7B3-9C26EE9D9044 FBB36600-90C9-491D-9CB1-685728BF83A9 F8AACBC8-501A-48FB-BD14-0E30B7759378 A7F3838C-D485-419F-9D90-C543263ACD64 E4BC5CD0-9B10-4410-BBE8-D4EF887F0B1E 30F81345-EB09-4A9A-BF69-21DD7243FDA6

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STEM Challenge



IMG_4708 IMG_4709

IMG_4710 IMG_4711



5th Class were working hard on figuring out how to create the tallest tower using just tin foil.


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6th Class STEM Activity

IMG_4974 IMG_4975 IMG_4964 IMG_4965 IMG_4966 IMG_4967 IMG_4968 IMG_4969 IMG_4970 IMG_4971 IMG_4972 IMG_4973

Ms Minnock’s Class battled against a strong wind (Hairdrier) and severe rain (A Spray Bottle) to keep their Spaghetti, Marshmallow and Paper structures standing tall while learning all about Global Climate Justice. It was a great STEM lesson that all children enjoyed!

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Halloween dress up

Happy Halloween from third class.
A0AB7F79-E95A-46BF-B317-67E38625F521 BE04CEA1-0C70-4DE5-9002-AED0329C37DD 50D1313E-8664-4A5B-A468-BFFC3C837AAA 3AC5F49B-6B9C-4C9E-B530-FE4E0FD5E464

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Halloween Art

Third class had great fun creating their spooky Pumpkin people.
5A7A65C2-0E20-4402-AE90-7BD5D051FAC1 6AC7D22F-221A-4F0D-80E3-17ACB752FF3D C56DEE25-EE4C-47C3-8C45-337EE49C3DF9 9F36FF8E-B989-4182-B305-6C458D160DD5

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Life Cycle of a Spider!


We have been learning about the life cycle of a spider! Some pupils enjoyed learning about spiders more than others! Getting into the Halloween spirit!!!!

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Halloween Art!

IMG_2717 IMG_2718

Things are getting spooky in Rang 4! Watch out for some spooky creatures heading home on Friday!!!

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Listening and Responding to Music


4th class have been enjoying  listening and responding to ‘Carnival of the Animals’ by Camille Saint – Saens. We created some mosaic pictures that were inspired by the music!

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Halloween Art!

IMG_2690 IMG_2691

4th Class used the process of Chromatography to separate colours in markers. We used filter paper to separate colours in different markers. We then used the filter paper to create some cool Halloween pictures! We hope you like our pictures!

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Animal Habitats!

IMG_2677 IMG_2678 IMG_2680



Following our learning on animals and their habitats, 4th class created some amazing habitats for an animal of their choice! Here are just a small selection of the wonderful habitats that were made during our STEM activities! Maith thú rang4!

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Nature Trail!


Fourth class had great fun identifying trees on our school grounds! We enjoyed drawing leaves and doing leaf and bark rubbings.

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Fourth class have been enjoying using iPads to research Halloween in other countries during our Geography lesson!


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