European Sports Day 2021

IMG_4567 IMG_4569 IMG_4572 IMG_4574 IMG_4575 IMG_4583 IMG_4585 IMG_4586 IMG_4588

5th and 6th classes had a ball today for European Sports Day where we had six activities; Rounders, Four Square, Athletics, Co-operative Games, Playground Games and an Mega Obstacle Course. All activities promote fundamental movement skills and teamwork! Thanks to all our 5th and 6th class teachers for organising such wonderful stations!

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Barrow Nature Trail

IMG_4507 IMG_4508 IMG_4509 IMG_4510 IMG_4511 IMG_4505 IMG_4506

6th classes had a 7km nature trail this morning down the Barrow Track where we saw herons fishing, swans swimmig, learned about native trees and even sampled some blackberries that were out in all their glory! We hope to go again and to contrast the changes that we see with  different seasons.

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6th Class Graduations

PHOTO-2021-06-25-15-11-51_1 PHOTO-2021-06-25-15-11-51_2 PHOTO-2021-06-25-15-11-51_3 PHOTO-2021-06-25-15-11-51 IMG_3481 IMG_3470 IMG_3471 IMG_3473 IMG_3475 IMG_3478 IMG_3479 IMG_3480

We were delighted with how our Graduation Ceremonies went last week. Unfortunately we couldn’t have parents/guardians with us in church but all were able to log in from home and watch remotely. A huge thanks to Ms Minnock and Ms Shore for all their work to prepare the children for the Graduations. Also thanks to Mr Kelly for the lovely music, Ms Fleming for preparing the certificates/helping with the ceremony and Mr Brennan for his organisation of proceedings which all contributed to make the graduations so special. Fr Dunphy and Cathriona from the parish centre did such a wonderful job facilitating three ceremonies and the Parents Association were on hand to present the children with their Graduation T-Sirts. To the class of 2021- well done on a fantastic 8 years in St Fiacc’s and we wish you well for the future. We are planting a Cherry Blossom tree in your honour to celebrate your amazing efforts in a difficult year on Monday compliments of the Parents Association with a plaque engraved with the following;

‘You will all go in different directions but your roots will always be in St Fiacc’s’ 

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Barrow Nature Walk

IMG_3498 IMG_3499 IMG_3500 IMG_3485 IMG_3486 IMG_3487 IMG_3490 IMG_3492 IMG_3493 IMG_3495 IMG_3496 IMG_3497


We were delighted to get back on the Barrow Track last Thursday for our final Nature walk this year going as far as Lanigan’s Lock. The biodiversity was out on full show for us for our 8km hike. It was absolutely buzzing with bees and dragonflies, the sounds of young birds and the scents of wild rose and other beautiful wild flowers such as vetch, yarrow, daisies, buttercups and cosmos. We were surprised at how much different the trail looked since our last trip in February. Once again thanks to all the students who were so well behaved and upbeat despite the long length of the hike!

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Sports Day for 4th and 6th

PHOTO-2021-06-16-14-04-18 PHOTO-2021-06-16-14-04-33 PHOTO-2021-06-16-14-05-00 PHOTO-2021-06-16-14-05-07 PHOTO-2021-06-16-14-05-25 PHOTO-2021-06-16-14-04-46 PHOTO-2021-06-16-14-04-01 PHOTO-2021-06-16-14-04-13

We had a great Sports today in St Fiacc’s for 4th and 6th classes with the children participating in Rounders, Athletics, Drumfit, Obstacle Courses, Hockey and Dodgeball. This was all followed by goodies from Balloons and Sweet Treats. Thanks to all the children and teachers for making the day a great success!

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Athletics Winners

IMG_3249 IMG_3253


A huge congratulations to Raqibat and Kamal in 6th class who won the St Abban’s Virtual athletics competition for girls and boys. Over 350 students took part from local schools and Raqibat came out on top in the girls competition while Kamal came first in the boys section. We are very proud of their great achievements and we know that the future is bright for them both! Well done!

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End of Year Mass


We had a beautiful end of school Mass today in St Clare’s church. A huge thank you to Fr Dunphy and Cathriona for making it such a special service. Also thanks to Mr Kelly on guitar and Chloe on harp for the lovely music. Well done to all the 6th class boys and girls for saying the readings and prayers at mass. We hope that all members of our school community enjoy the final weeks of school 2021.

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Absorbency investigation

1st class investigated which materials would best mop up water this week in science









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Orienteering in Carlow Town Park

020f5328-f25f-4c08-8495-230382d6398d 475cb3e4-9ca3-4c2d-9750-8cd0b7271a54 6f8cb2fe-c440-4b93-944e-e50429abc522 PHOTO-2021-05-31-10-41-49 PHOTO-2021-05-31-10-41-53 PHOTO-2021-05-31-10-41-58 PHOTO-2021-05-31-10-42-03 PHOTO-2021-05-31-11-07-44_1


6th classes had a great morning Orienteering in Carlow Town Park on a lovely, sunny Monday morning! We completed Orienteering Course 1 of the Park and we are hoping to get back again to complete Course 2 in the coming weeks. Well done to all the boys and girls who participated!

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The boys and girls in 1st class enjoyed creating butterflies in art this week

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Outdoor Planting

6th class students were busy over the past few weeks planting potatoes in our raised bed and tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, beetroots and lettuce on our window sills. Tomorrow we will plant these plugs out into our raised bed for the summer! We also have some wildflowers growing in class (Thanks to Ms Killeen for the donation) and Sunflowers which we grew from seeds which the students are taking home to keep going growing themselves over the coming weeks!

IMG_3010 IMG_3011 IMG_2997

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6th Class Barrow Walk

PHOTO-2021-04-15-10-51-19 PHOTO-2021-04-15-10-51-23 PHOTO-2021-04-15-10-51-28 PHOTO-2021-04-15-10-51-43 PHOTO-2021-04-15-10-51-55 PHOTO-2021-04-15-10-52-02 PHOTO-2021-04-15-10-52-07 PHOTO-2021-04-15-10-51-13


6th Class enjoyed a lovely nature walk this morning along the Barrow Way as far as Knockbeg. Thanks to Ms Cody for helping to organise!

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Third class learned all about the Sun this week. They had great fun tracing their shadows out on the yard.

D1804E8F-763E-44B2-AEA3-9107567E6C65 020530DA-6D8F-407E-B564-D9C859F8085F B8DE31DF-0AD2-4881-B47B-80276DFF72EA 974E2A5D-C2DF-42C2-ACD0-DE7171EC814D 94BCC4C8-E404-4980-9DA9-99C4958C8A0C DEEB276D-25CA-46A5-B45B-21A4E7A43224 219CAD2F-FA64-4514-9DFB-1D9A69EDE54F 33F2C9A8-27DE-4300-8592-D2F8CF11DB01

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Third class created their own ramps in science this week:

E78574AE-8D42-4FB0-8197-16E47A1FF1C2 8BA465FA-105C-41F1-957F-26310DE95FC6 A073EC21-5B95-4316-AF07-870ECA2024F5 25860229-F0B9-46C7-AA7B-550E728B213C 7B489F56-DF35-4FFC-9280-C128B88BD9BB 5AF3B4E7-C28A-4DF6-94DD-FDFEFB6E099D 697946D9-90C4-45D8-A4BC-0FA954C52053 1062D119-3465-4FCC-8B31-3B0FFF625974 8640A607-5FC5-424F-8890-58E63851787A 2E425B57-D870-4456-9DFF-C089EA57367A 578B7731-1F5D-46B1-91AD-847C4360DBF9 829F4FC1-9AAA-4345-BD13-4CEAB70B7A1A

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IMG_20210324_101516 IMG_20210324_101509 IMG_20210324_101500 IMG_20210324_101455 IMG_20210324_101447 IMG_20210324_101420 IMG_20210324_101414

The boys and girls from 3rd class had great fun experimenting and making shadows today after they had learnt about the sun.

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Nature walks in 1st class














First class in room 31 collected examples of natural features in the environment on a nature walk this week.

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Latest News

March 11th: First Confessions – 2nd class

March 15th: 3rd – 6th classes return to school.

March 16th: Lá Glas

March 17th: School closed for St. Patrick’s Day

April 15th: Meeting for parents of next year’s Junior Infants through Zoom Webinar. Details to follow.

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St Brigid’s Day Mass with Bishop Denis

Monday, February 1,  is the Feast of St Brigid, the Patron Saint of our Diocese and Patroness of Ireland. Bishop Denis will celebrate Mass from Kildare Town at 11:00a.m. and you would be most welcome to attend that Mass  by using this  link

The prayer below will be used during the mass but please pray it at home in your own time also

A Kandle Prayer to St Brigid (1)

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Catholic School’s Week

This gallery contains 14 photos.

  Thanks to all the students for their amazing participation in Catholic Schools Week this year. Even though we were celebrating online, there was great feedback on See-Saw to all teachers from students who included prayers, interviews with grandparents, activites more »

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Junior Infants Happy Christmas!

CF3B926A-FD73-412D-8E25-06BACC5CCE12 A750AC97-5461-4F3A-B300-4523AE480682 5AFB8195-562C-416E-87C9-084542749EBA BE866FAE-9E88-4FCF-A3A1-4F0EA0DCABB9 740C2E6B-1536-46F9-9AF4-38507EBC3680 BC52E342-DEF8-4D10-B6F6-B79CC7533B06 39A9EC99-AF6E-4DA9-A298-98DAE36B6D2A 0A4C83EA-18B1-40AD-9FCF-15E0C06CC82B E2F3B973-0232-4B61-98F4-9B2015BD611C B11E6A8F-82A3-4C0F-AB3A-E68CDD698534 C41D1FF2-63CA-4D4C-BDB8-371E0F39FD46 21512FA6-4D0C-4A3B-B658-0BBD6C9BE36F BFBC2A2F-2B32-45FE-A668-445DFEF1D1C7 429395D2-7E89-4909-A758-D605320E6C81 230384F3-169F-473B-BBFD-440998D42C75 9D969DD1-B8C1-4879-8579-6147B136C7B4 AE20AB95-74F7-4683-AF4F-40B81C1EA752 148E6C2B-438D-4E74-8428-C7F547576A8E B00ACDDD-51DD-43A6-BB6A-6C2697B28DBB 901E3BB2-EAB3-4721-9942-11232FBA0473 18C78D74-133C-4ABD-8C81-C358B28C8109 73FABD8F-1D53-40FB-A0F0-6693F0DAFD16 4316183B-46F1-49E1-B768-E4A1CB6B529D 031D4466-1620-4480-8A73-0A1E63E0DC59 ECE06C30-A17A-4E44-9309-59F104D4C7DB 537A7200-8EEE-4E8B-BE06-3BD159EC0A67 3AC27000-6F94-475E-B3E6-F8F72F5B1756 D37DF3D1-B38F-4CDD-BEFF-5A726EECCCFC 5BAA0D80-3CDD-414B-9C36-C94292769A1F 945FD46E-F966-43FB-B0EA-720F641923B1 F8E825E8-92F5-4206-BC4A-B69F4E6167D7 9AA8C71D-C5C1-4FB7-9AE9-ECFC1E724BAB 76648468-5F26-4942-BBF5-B9CDDCE8604E 27A911F9-B06A-4AB7-A730-2DFE45F7A986 D64A1641-EECB-4548-B53C-5824E307D67A 5958BA86-2614-4B7C-AF90-D7C38D1A764B 74C44ACE-BB3C-4F01-B892-AF41385F75AB A81D2785-D458-491F-847D-6095BD201327 F29AD728-9D9D-42CD-8941-D708039CAABE 7F6EF3D5-FBE0-4ED0-8C28-FDA360A3D647 9B53D9D5-5986-47A9-B214-FAFEA5D0627D BBEC4553-521C-4A48-AF9A-1490EE63E1DC 21614D80-C68E-4AEF-8463-17A3C13F75CC F4096724-2F91-4316-9DB9-376E301A629C C064176A-93BA-4DFE-AB53-208560BFCEE7 2B6991E8-61EC-4323-9073-11DBCE4D0FAE 2C2E4BA5-74A3-4E7A-ACF4-DFB7A21C3074 CC298B6D-1DF8-4578-BDC2-6DB026B594B9 B5252ECC-4091-4039-9923-A26F5A20DB00 423A3362-3EBC-4637-8AD7-D1947F3E27F0 039D85DF-7CF8-48F0-A320-1576544E9FE4 F8D2A23E-80BA-4741-9EC1-9F427BB3A477 7553937B-3CEB-4198-9E38-70AD1E21837D CCB78F7A-D2E7-4CD2-BDC7-0A4C019BB494 F9A8FC20-C7BD-4E4E-AF8D-292B1055CD36 CA27853B-41C9-432A-A637-C8A01693DC0E C8FDE401-C361-4E40-A125-44D3FEBD7035 3D488AD4-4FD3-4552-B323-7CA749E69003 D072BCA5-F7A0-4BD1-9481-0AB857B859A0 30C162FF-A08A-48A7-BDF9-467BA5871861 31133611-2096-46E2-8C9D-6DB1B5525F69 895C10E8-FFE5-406B-B484-BD5D5BACE8C5 E8C389F8-ABA5-43C4-97D7-26A34B5D8227 327199DA-C2B1-4272-AD9E-EF90C91314B0 3CA3566E-47CD-4371-BC9E-453004E3B5B1 F20679AE-2E44-4B31-9100-4F7D419E06A1 08FBEC21-99F2-430B-84E2-A686D36BA20A 1CD20F61-3421-48B5-AA87-896A565D1ABA FB831B55-2A9A-4170-9473-40CAA08DA52A 718BF8AD-EE51-40BA-80D9-C862AEDBF990 0C3EAF19-11D5-4D85-BC0A-9B0E4DA775E9 7ECC51D8-CCA7-4CEF-805C-96CF8884EE5E 4A5498B4-AB0D-4811-B958-720B836E2122 D5E53056-27E9-4A74-BBA7-9978D38AA7F6 D0AC5DAD-BCE1-42B3-9C61-4F6915973915 3E9F20D7-4FCD-4BD9-95B5-B01C325DD169 552C5E7A-921E-4E0A-A9B2-381FD20955B8 9967A7B3-A8D0-4E2E-B292-87DBEC55F6BC 525CFE27-1A37-4B0C-8631-DD400F97FC00 2DA133BF-18D4-466E-8301-0C5AB17F64A2 2E933EA7-540C-400F-B92B-9B33FE789DC9 4F1EE902-210D-4B8B-A820-6891617BFF2C 4DA6EF25-ABC9-46A4-854A-F74F7A385299 C3CD4635-FD8C-43EB-8948-3F7E1CDB5798 4C3B40F6-E044-4E4D-9394-74FE8C24CB9D 4DE01271-5B84-4FE7-8489-080616C69995 430DEBFF-FB2D-423F-838D-D30A2FFF18E1 F48210D2-1FC5-4F9B-9F4F-9672999B4136 3F63D57E-2060-4CE0-BE51-69824CD0F346 A3A8074B-9832-4110-A83A-4FAB881EC3F0 33C3E4E5-D206-4B79-87A0-A6EC4F613DBD 659EC542-232F-4505-8E47-7319D0483EF3 632AF6BA-2DD3-425B-9C64-DDF422609613 17025EBB-1AF2-42DD-B627-DBAACDAD0687 E82B0F70-0C65-47DF-924C-DF7DC3A38BB4 2F32B45A-B3E0-4F16-8F89-847676B8BC35 9D1BC114-BC99-4C99-B69B-58762AEECC34 CCC5215C-9B7C-454C-898B-88F111530478 C243D910-5D0F-4B6F-82B9-A9696C3F6225 F031D6E5-5D28-40A2-9423-5C71E7331667 3CB96751-8674-4E9B-99A2-0986C0C7D9B0 6A4D3771-6A08-44C8-9208-82BF27B4A934 DD3A9EF4-4D6C-4CE9-8A2E-C54BA10B921C 5CAF5B21-01D2-41D2-9762-A21220FA8575 47BB523D-D0CA-41DD-B4CC-1860A8F444C4 5540AB32-0964-4BFB-A499-C529AE530967 9213BCCF-9C5A-408B-AE4C-5FF840CABC3A 331FC843-6B36-4297-B95D-21E0BDF61AC3 E8678B72-1049-4569-9700-CAB5BF58DF66 C719F147-FCBD-441B-AF2E-66E35AE25678 28327F7B-5008-4FA2-8826-3583245DB83D

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