Visit to Carlow County Museum

IMG_4626 IMG_4627 IMG_4625 IMG_4623 IMG_4621 IMG_4622

5th classes visited the Carlow County Museum this Thursday. It was a great tour and a huge thanks to John McDarby and his team for showing us around. We saw

  • a pub, kitchen and shop from the 1920’s
  • the original gallows trapdoor from Carlow Gaol;
  • the 6m carved pulpit from Carlow Cathedral;
  • items from Carlow’s Sugar Factory, which operated for almost 80 years;
  • the smoking pipe of Captain Myles Keogh, killed at the Battle of Little Big Horn;
  • items relating to John Tyndall, the Carlow scientist who discovered the greenhouse effect;
  • a 340 million-year-old fossilized squid

and much more!!!

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Using I-Zak9 cubes for Maths

IMG_4609 IMG_4608 IMG_4607 IMG_4610 IMG_4611

Mr Shiel’s class were busy this week in Maths using Izak 9 cubes which are a brilliant resource here in St Fiacc’s N.S. Children are enjoying solving and discussing maths problems in small groups.

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Using I-Pads for Report Writing


IMG_4606 IMG_4604 IMG_4605 IMG_4603 IMG_4602 IMG_4601


5th classes are busy with the Report Writing Genre this term. We are using i-pads to research our own topics for our fantastic reports.

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Forming letters in infant classes

E7E28608-9D27-4653-AB80-0991A603CD74 762A0C77-897B-4858-B6BC-79BE593F0B7A 54487FE5-7BFB-42A3-90B4-E195115260AB 544F708F-7EE1-4758-9050-A5BFB088CCBBToday in Junior Infants we started forming the letter c using a multi-kinaesthetic approach; tracing folders, sand trays, gel bags and whiteboards

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Happy Halloween from First Class

F5264FC4-444B-4F2E-A43B-2F01D3130F86 A5BBA60D-BFB3-4845-996C-4BCCF5F95C6D 92BED9FC-3EAE-4BE3-AEA9-6C44E4785C78 E5B485BB-E8C2-4E9A-B3EC-1EA716F8005E 80B95D19-FF0E-4869-B558-3354BBD52341 35C15632-782D-4E28-9467-0EC059D996A2 A453788C-B884-4484-B83C-9CAD7AF98E4E 0CE3EC55-77B9-4BFA-99A6-F96A661A425B A212A5F8-9D6D-402A-A34E-90DA1C3226F5

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Exploring Trees in First Class

01C09194-EDF2-4E40-AA54-8B7DAAD056A8 30CCD561-1821-46BD-9011-3734BD89A6EE E76B01C0-CB0F-454C-92F3-F34E7FCC72EE 8926546B-2119-45B6-A909-EFAA6CEA3057 BA8A5A94-D22F-4DEA-9EBD-2DC33BD2ABC7 D2051FC6-B7A2-456C-A89A-6480AD703EB4 EA38FCB7-8A7F-4EB8-92A5-F9695ADE390A 49833FB7-9308-426E-B86E-A38762869EC1 163815EE-819E-4E3A-A26B-BA2B2E88C360First Class had a great time exploring what trees could be found on the school grounds.

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This week at Assembly…

IMG_4445 IMG_4466 IMG_4446 IMG_4467


Congrats to all our Students of the week, Gaelgeoir na Seachtaine and Footsol Winners who received their certificates this morning!

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Maths week room 10

IMG-4828 IMG-4829 IMG-4830 IMG-4831 IMG-4832 IMG-4833 IMG-4834

Second class room 10 have been exploring shapes and completing different shape challenges during maths week. We have investigated tangrams, created different 2- d shape images using lollipop sticks and sorted 2 – d shapes into different categories.

We are looking forward to going on a 2 – d shape hunt in  school. Fingers crossed the weather will be good! :)

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Hallloween Art Room 10

IMG-4840IMG-4845 IMG-4844 IMG-4843 IMG-4842 IMG-4841


Second class room 10 have been learning about separating colours by using chromatography. We tested different colours to see how each colour is made. We used our lovely creations to create spooky halloween pictures. This was a fun activity and one that can be completed at home.

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A busy term in Junior Infants!

This gallery contains 60 photos.

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2nd Class room 10

IMG-4631 IMG-4624 IMG-4620 IMG-4613 IMG-4609 IMG-4608 IMG-4607 IMG-4606 IMG-4605autumn 7 autumn 6 autumn 5 autumn 4 Autumn 3 autumn 1 autumn 9 autumn2 autumn8 autumn10 autumn11

Second Class room 10 have been learning all about autumn! We have been learning about plants and animals in our local area. We went on a nature trail around our school grounds and used the iPads to take pictures of signs of autumn. We collected different types of leaves, acorns and other materials. When we went back to the classroom we looked closely at the materials we collected and studied the photographs that had been taken. We also did some leaf rubbings! It was a fun day! We love autumn :)

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Report Writing

3334E68E-7A35-4C2E-B9C7-35BF93106DC8D0736774-EBF4-40EA-B427-26444E4E67812DB3279B-831B-4E74-9C74-88599580D698143ED9C4-5209-4148-9232-A0BD54D44B5CFirst class enjoyed using the iPads and encyclopaedia to find out information for their reports.

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Enrolment forms for Junior Infants starting school in September 2020 are available from the School Office. Closing date for receipt of applications is November 8th.


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Second Class


Thank you second class for a wonderful year! Have a wonderful safe summer and see you all in September! :)

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Beautiful Art Room 10 :)

IMG-3413 IMG-3414 IMG-3415 IMG-3416 IMG-3417 IMG-3418 IMG-3419 IMG-3420 IMG-3421 (1)

Some beautiful butterflies room 10 created following a story and movement  :)

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Best of luck to our 6th class Students!

IMG_2358 IMG_2359 IMG_2348

Best wishes to all of our 6th class students who graduated from St Fiacc’s N.S on Wednesday night in St Clare’s Church. It was a very special night and a huge thanks to Fr Dunphy and all the parish team for helping us with the preparation. Well done to our fantastic 6th class students who raised €2300 for the Cancer Society through donating some of their Confirmation money and for organising a very successful Bake Sale. It was an amazing achievement fundraising that amount of money and we are very proud of all your hard work. Best wishes in Secondary School and in the future from all the staff of St Fiacc’s N.S!

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Active Schools Week Room 10

This gallery contains 63 photos.

  We had a wonderful week during Active Schools Week. We got to enjoy many different activities. From football, to soccer, to dance to Taekwondo, olymbic handball, basketball and story and movement. Thank you to all the instructors and to more »

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Room 10 School Tour

This gallery contains 78 photos.

  Room 10 had  a wonderful time on their school tour to Castlecomer Discovery Park. We did archery, water ecology, walked around the forest and went to the playground! It was a wonderful day out!

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Clara Lara School Tour

IMG_2148 IMG_2147 IMG_2145 IMG_2142


The sun was shining last Wednesday in the Wicklow mountains as the 5th classes visited Clara Lara activity centre. Everybody had a super day out!


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Well done to the 32 6th class boys and girls who represented the school in the Laois Cumann na mBunscol Rounders Semi-Finals in The Heath GAA grounds last Thursday. All three teams played very well on the day and had a great day out.

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