Pro Bots

IMG_20201118_133610 IMG_20201118_133559 IMG_20201118_133557 IMG_20201118_132116 IMG_20201118_132100 IMG_20201118_130722 IMG_20201118_130718 IMG_20201118_130715


Third class, room 30 getting to grips with our new Pro Bots and having great fun. They are looking forward to using them again.


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758B546F-8582-4134-8FB2-08583DDB1155 BAEE8778-33EF-447D-B457-8C7385D8FCE6 8BB13AC3-36C7-427A-A120-7A0ACAFCAB20 8C4FEB58-3B5F-4F74-BAB4-A66677A3119C A9AAD4BC-EE59-4259-90D3-513E9021B2F6 B581C162-698A-4A03-9D11-69FBF0BE3E55 60CD8E7F-6C83-43DA-A202-1893E423EB8A 8F81CDDD-94FF-4C66-8AC0-A74EEF2C36DB

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Science week

The boys and girls made some fantastic parachutes during science week.

C26D1C9E-978E-4DCC-BAA7-64A8AF73916C 8775CB19-8BE0-4026-8F33-EE2DB07917AE 8F26B17B-10DE-44C0-8540-D60EAB172C02 321594A3-D72D-4E34-AF28-F839A6EC9B5B DBA5CAB0-E97F-4A32-B3BB-86BBD935915F 381477FF-5816-4741-8BD5-64639264EDF0 42775339-67E7-4A4C-A3C0-2D86CD34FD98 26EB242A-5215-4559-B147-1EB0528247BC D74F5787-0333-4140-BE75-F9CE099FEA6B 2A9B0D48-19BB-464D-9258-7D0BEC9EE75B E9FF6F57-5560-4267-8603-782D891D3881 73F1E78D-6F85-4132-8CE4-68768DAFBEA6

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IMG_3394 IMG_3396 IMG_3409 IMG_3411 IMG_3412


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IMG_20201113_132739IMG_20201113_132732 IMG_20201113_132725 IMG_20201113_132709 IMG_20201113_132704 IMG_20201113_132655 IMG_20201112_133542_1 IMG_20201112_133534 IMG_20201112_133451_1 IMG_20201112_133451

The boys and girls in Room 30 made parachutes and papercopters during Science Week and tested them. Great fun was had by all.


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Science Week

IMG_20201113_142419 IMG_20201113_142417 IMG_20201113_142415 IMG_20201113_142257 IMG_20201113_142256


Third class children watching Ms Mullen perform a Science experimemt during Science Week.


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Barrow Walk and Art

IMG_2019 IMG_2020 IMG_2022 IMG_2025 IMG_2026 IMG_2009 IMG_2010 IMG_2011 IMG_2012 IMG_2013 IMG_2016 IMG_2018


6th class enjoyed a lovely walk to Lanigan’s Lough and back last Thursday covering approx 7km. We collected leaves and wildflowers and made some beautiful art portraits when we returned. Thanks to Ms Cody and Ann-Marie for helping to coordinate!

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3rd class

The boys and girls in Room 30, 3rd Class are working very hard using Ipads and books to research ‘The Vikings’ for group projects. IMG_20201109_114701IMG_20201109_114650 IMG_20201109_112845 IMG_20201109_1128389IMG_20201109_112832 IMG_20201109_112811 IMG_20201109_112805

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First half term in Junior Infants

6B070E00-5735-47F3-BBB7-5C57355421CD4BF1607F-619E-439D-8716-DD016F8FA9B0 64DBCA29-F79D-44E0-86C6-2183698DE212 F9408967-DC97-44E5-B752-A7A5F1CDEC2F 0A6D9142-D1BC-40B9-8746-0E49CA522447 6CD5269E-08E7-412F-9F8A-8ECFA9B53B5D AFE251F1-FF52-439B-AF63-E07B850977A3 865633DD-03D5-4E9F-9A9A-3A23865C51FD 09FFD426-69BC-4EAF-9851-8D8BB3FF34AB 5042FDD1-CE0C-4D0D-A64A-9F4A65318A70 81A88ED1-BEA0-4C84-86BF-906CB982A9FD 03232D92-7E9B-40EB-94A7-EAA80B0CB0B1 01E71A0B-81BB-47B7-9DAB-892FF74BF5A7 0637A14E-86E4-42F2-AD7B-C1536D8DDF30 5EE3523C-2282-467A-9AC4-3CC4CFD8A475 C23F4848-89C5-4B12-9E97-1E648CA11C25 295BEE11-5C64-4E60-9FDB-00A715126295 6446D1B4-5C22-4EE1-AD1D-5831E28B28F1 83C1AD89-3A4D-40B2-92EB-5737ADB52EDB C125CE8C-6663-4DEB-A7FA-36D6A43BB70C C2A6988A-9DDC-4C19-993C-9C7FB1F7247F A9E07542-37BF-4DBF-A0A2-C31633FCF520 FB8612F2-67C8-4271-88B9-8D9DB2BA7BE6 4610C863-2502-4CF8-B101-C5B1C72F95FB 4260E804-08A0-4435-BD04-547275B9BD13 83ABA599-2DBB-4A07-8578-3BF03AD029ED CDD00AE9-A61A-4806-A5E3-44DE202455D3 3DE7FE0C-E224-4D15-A679-2F80DFB5DC8D BAB9961E-C4F7-42D4-BC0E-DCD52094C7C4 E2466967-3F33-42CB-9530-3EDADA265BF2 1AF2683F-569D-4D9E-8B0A-7CF2365EE9EB 895ED2F1-E582-435E-A589-9C2DAB69D277 59A50204-C955-4809-9543-FCC0E3434273 DDAD7816-4BD8-4A6F-8140-A4A09D416141 6B7506D2-7CCB-4260-B48E-FF4A7F7AD6F4 D1AEB876-C7CC-4309-9573-91116AD0E9E9 BCA44AF2-C44C-48C6-82AF-B3FD9F481151 673AEEE2-EA4B-470F-8401-3316B7C6DD32 69E641AB-7D71-492C-9A06-182A82EB1D4E 15B33500-168A-42BC-B865-DA1718118F5E A0012FCA-459C-47B4-970C-4EFCBAF51B24 5383511E-A3BF-4F63-93E7-F6F860B80A90 0F1B964F-181A-48BD-A176-443A81E75281 846AACE9-2B27-4FC6-A1BF-046755C6C04C DCE50126-29AE-4E81-84DE-BFF3642EC272 980E0C44-03E4-4D4A-97D6-81FA47FE773C 657696A5-C3E8-4BB1-9863-509D74CDC887 4D46B829-4680-40E6-BFBF-CF85453A4916 E2CFD28C-4518-4B94-8C57-A5373630189B 7836CC70-9ECD-48A9-A8DA-1E86463B5357 36658532-D0AB-4BD1-B7A8-1A34EE3043C3 E170EB64-5BFB-478B-AC4D-B03E99E1D74C 6927404E-7853-4548-B06C-A7D262A9493A 548C0853-5B54-4568-87D6-83102D7907EC D56E287C-1474-4369-BDD4-8583AF1634BB 43C8D3BC-92FF-4291-9817-58EC52DE3B3F 35FFBA2C-79A9-4194-81FC-ACDA019FEC4E 33BBBA26-7E47-4543-90FD-1B1E1923B4B5 1107D3FB-B9F0-44B1-8C68-B81BB9028FFA

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Happy Halloween from 1st class!





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Happy Halloween from Room 11

A spooktacular hello from the boys and girls of Room 11. 🎃

7034B964-2A9A-4D55-90EC-24A7A5DB4260 EF078D0B-A10A-4C65-9190-1ECC1E9ACFFE 7E5A5C20-9C7F-431A-81C5-CE3262FA3856 3BE4C621-7CD4-46C6-891B-26E0403DC2D7


Well done to all the boys and girls for taking part in the pumpkin art competition. All of your pumpkins were very spooky.  Congratulations to our two winners. 🎃



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Some of our Marine Environment costumes today!

This gallery contains 9 photos.

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Haunting Halloween costumes !!

IMG_1975 e3db5306-8d74-4b3d-8d18-14134a3582e2 0415c35d-ecd3-4078-a45d-1ff50a136d67 81bbbaab-bcfa-42e5-ba17-f525a0bcbedc PHOTO-2020-10-23-11-59-52_1 PHOTO-2020-10-23-11-59-52 PHOTO-2020-10-23-11-59-51_2 PHOTO-2020-10-23-11-59-51_1 PHOTO-2020-10-23-11-59-50 PHOTO-2020-10-23-11-59-51

Great fun and costumes in Ms Minnock, Mr Nolan and Mr Bolton’s classes today- Well done to the students on their effort. A lovely way to finish off our half term! Enjoy next week off!!


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Coding in 6th

We have enjoyed coding and making sports games on our i-Pads over the past few weeks in 6th!!

IMG_1973 IMG_1972 IMG_1971

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6th Class Spooktacular Art

IMG_1984 IMG_1983 cf152ee3-0407-4529-8657-ecacefffe86f c3690bcb-cf70-4cac-a903-abf85026b001 IMG_1982


Some samples of art in the three 6th classes including mixing colours, printing and fabulours Frankenstein faces

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Happy Hallowe’en From St. Fiacc’s!!!

This gallery contains 18 photos.

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Halloween Art

IMG_20201016_130221 IMG_20201016_130210



Third class, Rm30 getting creative and enjoying the lead up to Halloween!

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Maths Trail

IMG_1936 IMG_1935 IMG_1933 IMG_1932 IMG_1931

Enjoying Mr Kelly’s fantastic Maths Trail on Friday as part of Maths Week!! Students had a great chance to explore Maths in our school environment.

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Friday Assembly



6th Classes tuning in to Zoom Assembly last Friday on our new interactive smart board led each week by Mr Brennan. Fr Dunphy was our special guest last week and led the children with a moring Rosary along with Ms Scully’s 5th class.The children get the chance to connect with other pupils and members  of the school community!

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Happy Halloween from 2nd class

2nd class were busy making skeletons from cotton buds for Halloween.


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