Exploring Trees in First Class

01C09194-EDF2-4E40-AA54-8B7DAAD056A8 30CCD561-1821-46BD-9011-3734BD89A6EE E76B01C0-CB0F-454C-92F3-F34E7FCC72EE 8926546B-2119-45B6-A909-EFAA6CEA3057 BA8A5A94-D22F-4DEA-9EBD-2DC33BD2ABC7 D2051FC6-B7A2-456C-A89A-6480AD703EB4 EA38FCB7-8A7F-4EB8-92A5-F9695ADE390A 49833FB7-9308-426E-B86E-A38762869EC1 163815EE-819E-4E3A-A26B-BA2B2E88C360First Class had a great time exploring what trees could be found on the school grounds.

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