Active Schools Week 2022

Room 4 enjoyed a variety of activities during Active Schools Week. These activities included football, soccer, traditional games,  obstacle courses, basketball, Drumfit and Olympic Handball. Thanks to all involved for a great week!


IMG_7977 IMG_7980 IMG_7978 IMG_7976 IMG_7974 IMG_7973 IMG_7954 IMG_7953 IMG_7952 IMG_7948 IMG_7946 IMG_7983 IMG_7984 IMG_7986 IMG_7988 IMG_7989 IMG_7991 IMG_7995 IMG_8320 IMG_8322 IMG_8323 IMG_8324 IMG_8325 IMG_8327 IMG_8328 IMG_8331 IMG_8332 IMG_8333 IMG_8334 IMG_8345 IMG_8411 IMG_8352 IMG_8349 IMG_8348 IMG_8346 IMG_8413 IMG_8414 IMG_8418 IMG_8419 IMG_8420 IMG_8424 IMG_8423 IMG_8422 IMG_8421 IMG_8425 IMG_8426 IMG_8427 IMG_8430 IMG_8431 IMG_8433 IMG_8434 IMG_8435 IMG_8436 IMG_8437 IMG_8440 IMG_8457 IMG_8459 IMG_8460 IMG_8461

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