STEM Challenges in Rm 4

Room 4 have been working on some STEM challenges this month.

For challenge 1, the children worked in groups to plan, draw and build a class Lego Land. Their Lego house had to meet the following criteria

  • it must be the size of an A4 piece of paper.
  • it must have bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room.
  • it must be as tall as a glue stick.

For challenge 2, the children worked in groups to design and create a model of a rope bridge that hangs between two cliffs.

The criteria for this challenges was that the bridge

  • must hang between two desks that are ten lollipop sticks apart.
  • must be able to hold the weight of five toy animals.
  • must be made using only lollipop sticks and strings.

We had great fun trying out lots of different designs and testing what worked best. IMG-8877 (1) IMG-8879 IMG-8880 IMG-8876 (1) IMG-8799 IMG-8519 IMG-8515 IMG-8517 IMG-8456 IMG-8455 IMG-8454 IMG-8453 IMG-8449 IMG-8446

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