Catholic School’s Week

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We had a fantastic Catholic school’s Week last week with the Theme ‘Walking in Faith and Love’. We had Grandparents Day on Wesnesday which is always a highlight of the school year and our 3rd, 4th and 5th classes attended CSW Mass on Thursday. A huge thanks to Fr Dunphy for the prayer service via Zoom for Assembly on Friday and also a massive thanks to all the students who attended mass on the weekend in their school uniform.

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Electricity in 5th Class

PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32_7 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32_8 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-31 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-31_1 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-31_2 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-31_3 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32_1 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32_2 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32_3 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32_5 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32_6

Some action shots from Ms Scully’s class who were exploring Electricity as part of their Science curriculum! Maith sibh!!

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Making lighthouses

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Today in 3rd class we planned out, designed, and made lighthouses using what we learned about electrical circuits.

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Electrical circuits

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Catholic Schools Week


Catholic School’s Week starts today in St Fiacc’s N.S. Wednesday will be Grandparents Day, Thursday 3rd-5th classes will be attending a special CSW Mass in St Clare’s and Fr Dunphy will be leading us in a prayer service on Friday morning. Also daily lessons and reflections will be running in school each day this week. Next weekend pupils will be invited to wear their school uniform when attending mass.

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School Library

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Our school library has opened fully again with a massive new selection of books including graphic novels, diversity books, non fiction and top selling fiction authors- Ms Minnock and the Library Council (Pupils from 6th class) have put so much work into sourcing and stocking the library over the past two months and the feedback from all our pupils has been fantastic. Pictured here are pupils from Ms Carroll’s 4th class who were enjoying exploring the new titles!

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Table Quiz Team

IMG-0050 IMG-0051

Ms Hennessy has been putting our Table Quizzers through their paces during lunch breaks since the first week in January. Pupils are practicing a wide variety of content to make sure they are ready and prepared to compete in the coming months while having lots of  fun at the same time. A huge thanks to Ms Hennessy for facilitating during her breaks.

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Balancing in January!

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This month’s Fundamental Movement Skill is Balancing. Pupils across all classes are practicing their balancing skills as part of PE lessons and for classroom movement breaks- Here are some photos of Ms Hutton’s Junior Infants who were balancing while throwing and catching beanbags- Maith Sibh!

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Third class got into the Christmas spirit with a hot chocolate party today. Happy Christmas everyone!

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Santa arrives in style….

IMG_8579 IMG_8580 IMG_8569 IMG_8570 IMG_8571 IMG_8572 IMG_8574 IMG_8575 IMG_8578

Santa came to visit St Fiacc’s N.S today and there was great excitment throughout the school especially as he arrived via Garda escort. It was fantastic to meet Mr Claus and we wish him well on his big day next week!

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School Christmas Concerts 2022!!

What a fantastic day we had last Friday in St Fiacc’s hall for our Junior and Senior Christmas Concerts. A huge thanks to Mr Kelly for organising so much of the music as well as our teachers and support staff more »

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Coffee Morning

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Ms Payne, our wonderful Home School Liasion Teacher organised a brilliant coffee morning with Barrow Brew last week. In freezing temperatures, the morning was a great success with lots of parents, school staff and teachers availing of lovely teas and coffees to warm everyones spirits as well as having a good chat to start off the day- many thanks Ms Payne!

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Library Committee Update

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Thanks so much to Ms Minnock for ordering over 750 new books for our library which include lots of top author names, graphic novels and non-fiction books which were badly needed. Our dedicated library committee were fantastic all week to ensure that all books are barcoded, scanned and ready for use for all pupils in January.

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Advent Mass of Giving


Our Advent Mass of giving was a huge success last week. A huge thanks to all families who donated food stocks to St Clare’s Hospitality and also to Fr Dunphy, Cathríona and the Parish team for their continued support for our school community.

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Blue Bots in 2nd Class

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Ms McCarthy’s 2nd class were busy yesterday using our Blue Bots to develop computational thinking through a STEM activity and as part of our Digital Learning Framework. Pupils all had a great time while learning how to navigate their Bots across the Money mats.

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Civil War Poetry Workshop


Ms Minnock’s 6th class took part in poetry as a commemoration workshop which was based on the 100th anniversary of the Irish Civil War. They were joined by author, Caroline Busher and their poetry was recorded and played on national broadcaster, RTE Radio 1. Maith sibh rang a sé!

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Science Week

3rd class made parachutes, tin foil towers, papercopters and vinegar and baking soda explosions during Science Week



























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Science Week

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THurd class had great fun making papercopters, paper chains and creating colourful explosions.

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Crocus Rememberance Planting

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5th and 6th classes were busy last week planting Crocus bulbs in memory of those who lost their lives in the Holocaust. We hope that the bulbs will spring up in early February and we are going to add more bulbs this week to extend the flowering season in our new bed- Thanks to the 5th and 6th class teachers for organising this great initiative.

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Running a Mile!

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Some action photos from our Mile Run on Tuesday which was done by all students from 3rd-6th class! Maith sibh !!

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