Some of our Marine Environment costumes today!

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Haunting Halloween costumes !!

IMG_1975 e3db5306-8d74-4b3d-8d18-14134a3582e2 0415c35d-ecd3-4078-a45d-1ff50a136d67 81bbbaab-bcfa-42e5-ba17-f525a0bcbedc PHOTO-2020-10-23-11-59-52_1 PHOTO-2020-10-23-11-59-52 PHOTO-2020-10-23-11-59-51_2 PHOTO-2020-10-23-11-59-51_1 PHOTO-2020-10-23-11-59-50 PHOTO-2020-10-23-11-59-51

Great fun and costumes in Ms Minnock, Mr Nolan and Mr Bolton’s classes today- Well done to the students on their effort. A lovely way to finish off our half term! Enjoy next week off!!


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Coding in 6th

We have enjoyed coding and making sports games on our i-Pads over the past few weeks in 6th!!

IMG_1973 IMG_1972 IMG_1971

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6th Class Spooktacular Art

IMG_1984 IMG_1983 cf152ee3-0407-4529-8657-ecacefffe86f c3690bcb-cf70-4cac-a903-abf85026b001 IMG_1982


Some samples of art in the three 6th classes including mixing colours, printing and fabulours Frankenstein faces

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Happy Hallowe’en From St. Fiacc’s!!!

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Halloween Art

IMG_20201016_130221 IMG_20201016_130210



Third class, Rm30 getting creative and enjoying the lead up to Halloween!

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Maths Trail

IMG_1936 IMG_1935 IMG_1933 IMG_1932 IMG_1931

Enjoying Mr Kelly’s fantastic Maths Trail on Friday as part of Maths Week!! Students had a great chance to explore Maths in our school environment.

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Friday Assembly



6th Classes tuning in to Zoom Assembly last Friday on our new interactive smart board led each week by Mr Brennan. Fr Dunphy was our special guest last week and led the children with a moring Rosary along with Ms Scully’s 5th class.The children get the chance to connect with other pupils and members  of the school community!

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Happy Halloween from 2nd class

2nd class were busy making skeletons from cotton buds for Halloween.


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Maths week 2020

First class enjoyed finding 2D shapes in the playground this week





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1st class Autumn nature walk







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6th class Art from Recylced Materials

IMG_1823 IMG_1824 IMG_1825 IMG_1820 IMG_1827 IMG_1828 IMG_1829 IMG_1830 IMG_1826


6th class pictures from Orienteering and also our lovely September art made totally from recycled materials!

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6th Class Skipping

IMG_1838 IMG_1831 IMG_1833 IMG_1834 IMG_1835 IMG_1836

6th Classes have been improving their skipping skills over the past few weeks at breaktime and during some PE classes. We are seeing huge improvements! Keep it up!!

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6th Classes incorporating i-Pads into their learning

IMG_1850 IMG_1846 IMG_1845 IMG_1852 IMG_1849 IMG_1847 IMG_1848

Ms Minnock’s class have started brilliantly with IT this year with See-Saw set up as a distant learning platform for children to work on.  Today Ms Minnock’s class were exploring a new website called ‘Quizizz’ which was a great success for assessment in Science and lots of fun for all the class.

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2nd Class Ms. Delaney Art

2nd class created some colourful self-portraits in Art this week.

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First week in Junior Infants

BDC4CA9C-52D4-4343-B404-25E6C098C9CB 443E161B-395A-4093-BBEE-CF103F839E2C 092C8699-13C2-40AF-B7DB-6CD8D4B9CFE8 F9B3204B-46DB-44FD-B07C-6704D4788C7E 5163075A-8AF5-4B04-B561-CFCC83D893EE FE28443E-CFB3-4ADB-B28C-98B905C262F6 D8013020-228C-480F-BC9A-FC337BFAA291 CE3577E5-4233-4B7C-9D4D-74978C347574 EC5CBB97-F238-49F4-AE39-FD40C0472B86 0900531E-3A9C-44DA-8DFA-9BB894B005E7 444F31C6-06B6-447E-9F92-89EC101811B6 EE031FA0-EE8D-42C0-A9BB-BFE4769FF3A9 5B7C5D1B-50FC-4C7D-AC74-6FCB8099C2F9 9D7057EC-9D8A-4D60-BA62-0F63BCFB6AAB 8B1FFF47-1B7E-464B-8E0F-9C38501C1304 A1733D2C-C95F-4512-8F90-7F3FBC04528B 433D158B-A58B-4351-9308-0F797008F40F 07D6CD0D-2048-456F-ABFC-15C9C2C5626F 41DD60BF-2747-4F9A-A9FC-329E88833A24 FB03DCD9-1291-4BA3-B60D-B6C4B4A6EACF 1E5AF413-6BEC-4217-8B33-3C9F556D7009 17120504-0B79-422B-8AEF-55247A7C3933 EEF3356B-1644-4200-8E7A-0061A06AB875 F9B7660F-7D79-4CA6-86D4-120638FE042B 5F3C3796-2CB8-44C7-9CFA-069A17F87202First week in Miss Doyle’s class

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Full Attendance 2019 – 2020

34  Pupils achieved Full Attendance from September 1st 2019 – March 13th 2020

J Inf (6) Darragh Shannon Jason Ghiorghita Callum Hurley Patrick Horahan Jakub Kmiec Kealy McCarthy

S Inf (1) Gabriel Collantes

1st (5) Cian O Shea Amelia Fraser Szymon Szymanski Emilja Cachia Victor Kadela

2nd (5) Maria Antal Holly Hernan Lexi Hernan Kelsi Timmons Vera Collantes

3rd (3) Mohamed Hassan MJ Haughney Jamaal Adegoke

4th (4) Laura Antal Kaetlyn Nolan Emma Shaw Jakub Szymanski

5th (5) Kaila Keating Ruby Donovan Coakley Abbey O’ Shea Szymon Matla
Karolina O’ Neill

6th (5) Natalia Slawatycka Ruby Horahan Gabriella Sibanda Alim Ayeni Ubayd Nakiyemba

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St. Fiacc’s NS Award Winners 2020

Well done to the following pupils who were recipients of Model Pupil and Student of the Year Awards for the school year 2019 – 2020.


June 2020

Class Teacher Model Pupil Award Student of the Year Award


Ms.Doyle Evie Salter Scully Ellie Dargan


Ms.Payne Anna Kisznyer Patrick Horahan
  Ms.O’Brien / Ms.Whelan Iana Abbey Callym Hurley
Sen. Infants Ms.Reddy


Bianka Fryklewicz Althea Byrne


Jan Gruba Lucy Abbey


Lucija Cachia Lukasz Smolarek
First Class Ms.Hogan Viktor Kadela Adam Duggan


  Ms.Davitt Adam Kisznyer Julia Sykula


  Ms.Kinsella Elisa Silva De Melo Szymon Szymanski


















June 2020

Class Teacher Model Pupil of the Year 2019 – 2020 Student of the Year

2019 – 2029

Second Class Ms.Kavanagh Vera Gutierrez Collantes Leah Horahan


  Ms.Byrne Pietru Cachia Emily Nolan


Third Class Ms.Mullen Lea Chividzhiyan Szymon Krupinksi




Jodie Shannon M.J Haughney
  Ms. Coakley


Azeezat Kohumo Richard Hayfron
Fourth Class Ms.Luby Maia Iovitoni Killian Scully Keightley
  Ms.Ivory Joey Nolan Carley Corcoran


  Ms.Hennessy Philip Kadela Natalia Mitrega


Fifth Class Ms.Scully Daniel Nolan Ryan Dermody




Adam Szczepanski Aimee Nolan


Fernando Luna Hanna Kefah
Sixth Class Ms.Minnock


Christina McGrath Robin Guzik


Lar Brennan Whelan Kyle McDonald


Hanna Sallai Maia O Connor








Award Winner Class
Cian Delaney Creative Writing Trophy


 1st :Ruby Horahan


Title of the story:

Tilly and the Giants

Mr. Nolan’s Sixth  Class
  2nd :Hayley Haughney


Title  of the story:

Ellie’s  Story

Ms.Minnock’s Sixth Class
  3rd : Ella  Matthews


Title of the story:

The Dream Job.

Ms.Delaney’s Sixth Class

The Heather Cowan Memorial Trophy



Ruby Horahan


Mr. Nolan’s Sixth Class



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GAA Kahoot!

Test your GAA knowledge with this simple Kahoot! Quiz- Prizes for best participants

Game PIN: 08471008- Type into Kahoot! Website


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Athletics Kahoot!

I hope you are all enjoying our Virtual Active Schools Week –

Have a go at a simple Athletics Kahoot! Quiz to test your sporting knowledge (Only 10 questions!) Follow link below;

Game PIN: 01767609- Put into Kahoot! Website

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