Our Third Green Flag

Our Green Schools’ Committee has worked hard throughout the year in the hopes of being awarded our third Green flag. We are delighted to announce that we were successful in our efforts, and today, we received our Water theme flag.  Ms Hogan, Ms Reddy and two of our sixth class committee members, Kate and Terry, traveled to the Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone to receive our flag. Kate and Terry collected our flag during a lovely presentation. They did a fantastic job representing our school. We would like to thank everyone in the school community, including all the students, our principal, teachers, staff and parents, for their help and support throughout the year. A very special thank you to Ms Hogan, our dedicated and hard-working Green Schools coordinator, and to all the boys and girls who gave a great amount of time, dedication and effort to the Green Schools committee this year. We are very proud of the work they put in and of all their brilliant accomplishments this year. We are motivated to continue our work as a Green School.

Green Schools Committee members Terry and Kate Green Schools Award Ceremony Green Schools Presentation 4 Green Schools Presentation 2 Green Schools Presentation 1 Green Schools Presentation

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