Visitors from Carlow Fire Station

Dermot and Joe from Carlow Fire Station paid the three Third Class groups a visit today and gave an excellent talk on fire safety. The boys and girls in Room 28 learned a great amount from their visit. We learned the emergency contacts numbers to call if there was a fire- 112 or 999! We learned the number one rule of fire safety – Get Out, Stay Out, Call Out! We talked about different fire hazards in our home and the importance of having working fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms in our homes. Dermot and Joe also showed us the correct way to use a fire blanket and demonstrated stop, drop and roll for us. We have brought home a fire safety pack which includes reminders of what we learned today and a home checklist to be completed by each child with their family. Thanks to Dermot and Joe for visiting us today. Everyone in Third Class learned a lot. fire talk 3 fire talk 7 fire talk 8 fire talk 9 fire talk 10 fire talk

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