Electricity in 5th Class

PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32_7 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32_8 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-31 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-31_1 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-31_2 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-31_3 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32_1 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32_2 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32_3 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32_5 PHOTO-2023-01-27-09-53-32_6

Some action shots from Ms Scully’s class who were exploring Electricity as part of their Science curriculum! Maith sibh!!

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