Running a Mile!

IMG_8210 1d5b5015-3ab3-4d4e-a6de-eaeb9e2612fc 69874251-8fb5-4538-91db-84e5d2364ab9 65e337a9-e83b-4524-8102-9919dcf219d8 79b050c1-b860-4c42-9aa3-3b361b0e0190 8067390b-754b-46a0-b0d3-eddf7caee283 d9d773bb-4d6d-4db7-8a85-5ef24c219d6e 69874251-8fb5-4538-91db-84e5d2364ab9 IMG_8206 IMG_8207 1d5b5015-3ab3-4d4e-a6de-eaeb9e2612fc IMG_8209 IMG_8208

Some action photos from our Mile Run on Tuesday which was done by all students from 3rd-6th class! Maith sibh !!

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