Maths Week in Ms Minnock’s 6th Class

PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-30 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-28 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-28_1 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-29 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-29_1 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-33-35 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-21 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-22 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-23 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-23_1 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-24 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-24_1 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-25 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-25_1 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-26 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-26_1 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-27 PHOTO-2022-10-17-14-25-27_1


Ms Minnock’s 6th Class were busy yesterday with hands on Maths activites to kick off the start of Maths Week in the school. They had lots of fun solving Maths puzzles and playing games- who knew Maths could be so much fun!

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