Sixth Class Physical Education

The weather was amazing this week so we took full advantage on two afternoons to focus on our FMS monthly skill of Sidestepping through an timed obstacle course. Students also participated in athletics (Javelin, Speed Bounce and Standing Throw), GAA skills session, Rounders, Olympic Handball and Basketball. It was fantastic to use all of our green space and a huge thanks to Mr Nolan, Ms Minnock and Ms Roche for organising all the great activites

IMG_5607 IMG_5609 IMG_5608 IMG_5606 PHOTO-2022-03-25-20-23-36 PHOTO-2022-03-25-20-23-36_1 PHOTO-2022-03-25-20-23-36_2 PHOTO-2022-03-25-20-23-35_2 PHOTO-2022-03-25-20-23-35_1 PHOTO-2022-03-25-20-23-35 PHOTO-2022-03-25-20-23-36_4.

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