Third class learned all about the Sun this week. They had great fun tracing their shadows out on the yard.

D1804E8F-763E-44B2-AEA3-9107567E6C65 020530DA-6D8F-407E-B564-D9C859F8085F B8DE31DF-0AD2-4881-B47B-80276DFF72EA 974E2A5D-C2DF-42C2-ACD0-DE7171EC814D 94BCC4C8-E404-4980-9DA9-99C4958C8A0C DEEB276D-25CA-46A5-B45B-21A4E7A43224 219CAD2F-FA64-4514-9DFB-1D9A69EDE54F 33F2C9A8-27DE-4300-8592-D2F8CF11DB01

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