Maths Week

Third class had great fun learning all about 2D shapes this week.

24CFAF1C-676A-4820-A759-E7B933CA24C4 B2EFD687-FE27-460D-98C4-662067C7DC12 2C90AF17-C77C-4EA7-A6AD-25929B31C394 5FAA8D21-CAD8-451B-8BB8-667706A7D891 A1011497-71F4-4E49-BC52-338489CC8B71 41D14AB3-E6DC-4AFB-9666-B2E62F01AA5D 0B16928A-784B-43F3-990C-FAFC269B1357 2E22367A-6EF6-43E4-823C-F72A6846AD9D 084B5D88-7469-4C02-8D1C-1FEC7DCB7551

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