School Tour – Room 4

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First Class went on their school tour this month to Rathwood. We were treated to a train ride, a brilliant show, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, time in the indoor play area and the outdoor maze. We also got to make our more »

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Active Schools Week 2022

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Room 4 enjoyed a variety of activities during Active Schools Week. These activities included football, soccer, traditional games,  obstacle courses, basketball, Drumfit and Olympic Handball. Thanks to all involved for a great week!  

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STEM Challenges in Rm 4

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Room 4 have been working on some STEM challenges this month. For challenge 1, the children worked in groups to plan, draw and build a class Lego Land. Their Lego house had to meet the following criteria it must be more »

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End of School Mass


It was great to have our school community back in St Clare’s church for the End of School Mass on Friday last. 2nd- 6th class attended in person and Infants-1st tuned in remotely. Many thanks to our fantastic Parish Priest Fr Dunphy and Parish Youth Coordinator Cathriona Kelly for the continued help and support throughout the year in the faith formation of our students.

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Teachers v Students 2022


What a game!

6th class students and Teachers had an epic match to finish off Active Schools Week 2022. Both teams gave it their all and it was a very fair and competitive match. Thanks so much Ms Minnock for organising the match and also for the ice-creams afterwards!

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Cricket Blitz 2022

IMG_6237 IMG_6236 IMG_6235 IMG_6234 PHOTO-2022-06-20-22-55-27_7

6th class students had a fantastic day last Wednesday in Carlow College at the cricket blitz along with the children of Bishop Foley N.S. Jimmy Dooley and Bernard from Carlow Cricket Club and Leinster Cricket respectively facilitated fun activities for over 140 children and their work and professionalism was greatly appreciated by all. Thank you so much from all the 6th class teachers and students!

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Active Schools Week 2022

PHOTO-2022-06-20-22-55-27_1 PHOTO-2022-06-20-22-55-27 PHOTO-2022-06-20-22-56-16 PHOTO-2022-06-20-22-55-27_5 PHOTO-2022-06-20-22-55-27_2 PHOTO-2022-06-20-22-55-28_6 IMG_6241 IMG_6233 IMG_6216 PHOTO-2022-06-20-22-55-28_3 PHOTO-2022-06-20-22-55-28_4 PHOTO-2022-06-20-22-55-28_5 PHOTO-2022-06-20-22-55-28_2 PHOTO-2022-06-20-22-55-28_1

We had an amazing Active Schools Week this year. Puplis enjoyed a wide range of PE activites throughout the week and there was something for everyone. A huge thank you to all the clubs who facilitated events for our students including St Abbans Athletics Club, Graiguecullen GAA, St Pat’s Soccer Club, Carlow Cricket Club, Carlow/Leinster Rugby and Laois Cumann na mBunscol. Also a massive thanks to Mr Nolan who organised a super week of activites for everyone. He was supported by Ms Minnock, Ms Roche, Ms Byrne and all the teachers of St Fiacc’s N.S to ensure that the children had a great, active and happy week at school.

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Junior Infants School Tour

Junior Infants had a wonderful time on their school tour to Rathwood Teddy Bears Picnic!52CB1B5C-76B0-43F7-BEBB-AD3BE1329D12 3EB7CD72-CD9F-4ED8-BCF5-E3EF9DD47DD1 E93E0A10-7920-469B-BE82-73DD5C473CFE 1F3832ED-7915-4636-8A7C-B17058189B46 54D0A09E-9AF0-4685-A766-A0872279E041 BE8945C0-A773-4434-ABC6-364D57592C18 7CB8988B-A148-4884-A97B-0C0365CD86D4 5F5D8A80-D16D-4E3A-9D30-5144222C72F5 3B521BC8-051E-4AF8-91CE-2E87B7511FBA ED98882D-5579-4874-B922-267804B52517 453B9477-467A-4F8F-B524-CC43A97E65C5 FA89026A-5937-4763-8061-917D30B18F63 92D3B7CF-72D2-49F8-92C8-90561B73C444 DF8A2382-F186-476E-8246-C424058771F1 D73A52BF-B849-458A-B2FD-8C3397DFBE5F A7D98C38-EA22-4FC9-90DB-F3057C1039A4 D1B3C03A-9D22-4414-8210-9C4DF7170DC1 5EE96DEE-EC70-45B5-882C-59F396D60A99 F9EE7162-116F-448B-A429-452A3CF0A093 60171E35-8C90-4688-A989-EDDCA64DB5F3 0A2F2E80-42BE-4752-BF6D-E086DD935592 D96CBE78-C881-4B1B-AE57-6B119E88A879 14185BDF-B9D8-46CA-9E22-2FEF56AFEE6B 5EFD9355-2D35-4D7B-BDA8-82C3CC00F128 3917FEAB-B34B-4299-8B05-6ECE831159C4 F7C3014C-81B8-4DAC-8C82-6C6E74219FE7 42CC9A98-F526-4A50-BA5A-E3EC7F22634B 8F6B225D-4A5F-494F-9FEE-759E8922D778 475641A7-4649-47FB-B198-FFB11C00546E 13E41526-DB99-4190-B9C8-B197141AAB97 27DB2E89-609B-44C7-99E6-859142A5575B 6F46930D-F20F-4086-98F9-B0555A8007F3 4FAFE725-BC9C-4F8E-947D-2BBCA4F00CF5 70AA1B51-15DB-4061-A346-6D0F67DCDEE5 3D7DAA72-79BE-44E0-B092-EFF70DEA2F82 1BDE9174-0236-4CEA-ADD2-CF09E3C56577 A682EE08-3BBF-4B0A-BECF-7F9A006D02CA B5C1FB1A-97EF-4553-A44B-9A38C3E7AC82 1A66D083-1976-47DA-A404-E0F0D68D4ADB 96E5CF27-639D-4BF8-997B-202F7640A011 810E5FDE-D315-4317-BD4B-B309E3B8DB11 A51D4150-D2AE-4DC7-B08C-35E70D116211 C99AE6CA-7D48-4312-B4C3-500A798F92BF 8F8705F1-284F-420C-87C1-1DF9561F7CB6 218A288D-1486-4860-B3B2-E424828A88C4 63D9E49F-E139-47EF-9E78-CBA1398D1B3A 6E904DA8-63CF-45C9-B4F7-422F16C616B5 AC88F38D-934F-4698-B769-836BCEF19E14 CEDE34A8-0E25-4C40-9DEF-1795C1C40C42 26B5D14C-929E-44E7-8DE3-A8E0F26B03B5 3F88CD4E-0448-4608-8311-58EF0C13012D 1A2FDD5C-3C8C-4EB0-AFE2-3A59BA0095A4 29410645-8A3C-4880-87DA-D89A6461C935 06F840EA-6792-4744-9E07-B36D3FA1ADA9 0CB09003-7AD4-4D83-8629-272DE5EDDAC4 F39703E6-F5C4-42B7-81C7-BA08AB05DE35 0668CE98-802A-4ABC-AF4A-EFAB03246703 E60E8076-34B7-447E-AF87-5790A08713D4 78C59622-37E4-48B5-914F-EAB2AEC82083 F8DC5081-FF27-4CF3-9D45-E0DDD1617DC8 F2164B3B-67B4-4C29-8C30-4B6801F44D46 C380D412-F07E-4AFC-B622-4E01D600C3FF B83A5BDA-4586-4EDA-84B0-640B084998BB A2BCB44D-8411-4CE3-BFF8-8D259A04EB24

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Active Schools Week

Third class really enjoyed taking part in active schools week this week. Well done everybody.


7CD5706E-8CAA-4078-B87E-ED95895199CF E9B78AD2-95BE-418B-8AE8-7489089A5E49 52E05F97-8ADB-4D41-98C7-34B0A947D6D9 C0512A4F-5DA0-4BCA-982A-0C63AA41016E 84503F2C-7BA6-44D4-A713-695B19E27B97 BFBEACFF-CA73-4959-B335-9C657F93DC42 7DEBB4E0-AECF-4A0C-9F59-79DFC9431FC8 0D0009B7-48F0-45CA-887B-F297B586B25F E4F669A1-21B3-41EA-80A5-9CC518435204 DAAF4A7D-31A4-4BB9-BAD2-D6EE026D81FF 59BAF8B2-6280-4AF0-B0B7-6753F5F75768 1365F703-BE9C-4676-B09C-9AADCA3312BC A9E1B570-66CE-4D59-978D-9BCDD30BC9B4 D66B84A6-6953-4BC9-9D92-F163F2BC85F9 0FB1E632-A3F4-4B6D-9A1B-32508989F3B5

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Third class learned have been learning about different forms of technology and how they’ve changed over the years. They created their own paper cup telephones and tested them out.


847461CA-6E5E-4A1A-AF47-5001F6D88EEB 197DB363-A67C-4E1E-861A-766C68F2586E 81FC51C2-62F3-4270-9E62-90D03B96662D F1438B53-337A-4833-ACDD-339C2F6AC07A 91AF1518-A2E9-4764-B754-303CC4F193FA

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School Tour

Third class had great fun on their school tour last week.


18053DF2-2AAB-433D-B753-1B6BFC475088 D9DE9240-E7D4-417C-865A-B9FB295A2867 71305DC8-7567-4F4E-BDC1-E1F1FD315DA8 9808E75A-1927-4DB0-8CA0-ACC89BAC921A 8AC99B7B-A3C2-405B-A192-78160F402F47 AC30F0BB-8163-456E-B262-E8C594D8651F

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3rd class school tour to Leisure Max!

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French Breakfast

Third class were learning all about France last month, this morning we sampled some French food, bon appétit!

C10426F9-4427-42BE-A60E-82A8F8ED0946 60CCB6D2-47E3-4FD2-AD9B-5C4E17A8F2B5 0BCDF9AD-FFFF-4FCB-824E-C0E2CD8043FB CE5F3F5E-40F7-4C39-BF49-C8A755C24EF3

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6th Class Cricket

IMG_6095 IMG_6101 IMG_6100 IMG_6099 IMG_6098 IMG_6093

6th Classes are making great use of the new equipmant secured from the school by our Leinster Cricket coaches; Jimmy and Bernard early this year. We hope to give all classes a try during Active School’s Week later in June!

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Glór Ceatharlach GAA

IMG_6090 01933b54-4c0b-49ca-b4d4-0ef0a5287212

Our Girls and Boys Gaelic Football Teams represented St Fiacc’s N.S last week in the Glór Ceatharlach Competition in the Eire Óg club grounds. Both teams performed really well and as always were a credit to the school. Comhghairdeacheas cailíní agus buachaillí agus míle buíochas roimh na múinteoirí- Ms Roche, Ms Byrne, Mr Nolan agus Ms Minnock.

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Norman Castles

Third class have been learning all about the Normans this month. The girls and boys have been working hard for the last few weeks creating their own Norman structures using recyclable materials. Today they presented their projects to the class. Well done everyone!

6A69CA71-FAF9-4F06-8C8D-DFFA4803ACB7 4985C4FB-802D-4D08-A21C-184A4A218D40 7B47B541-000A-448D-B223-ED0EE7901099 29B35713-66AB-4FC6-8131-A6CAAAD0936B 9B11B06E-EFC8-4326-BCE0-739E1E23AECA 14047207-BA09-4EB8-B1C2-A05E1BA5D90F 5199A0D6-8C58-4125-BD7F-FB84A3C1BECA C047BDE9-7BB6-4BC7-9425-CC54E4D2DECA 43A20896-074A-441D-A028-B82888F99420 6C1B962F-A6C1-460D-951C-EA8FB79ED87D

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Show and Tell

Third class really enjoyed sharing their show and tell items with their classmates. Watch out for the leaf insect.


072DACAD-E896-465C-96F9-3C9EE232B4DC 29941494-485B-42C1-93E0-93F72F3204C3

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Bike Week

Third class had great fun this week learning some new bike skills.

55FE3791-4C68-42AD-B883-B080C1477E2C ED00443C-0983-4CB4-8DE5-B5B88BBBB3AB DE73FCB4-CD26-400E-A45E-7AF42B7841B2 E20BBD3B-4D45-4A4D-89C5-5587D16A07F6 BCAE72C0-06FC-49F3-B68C-B74C1D006017 CD1A503B-58D9-4A18-BA8A-458FA1FAC252

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Happy Easter

Third class are ready for the Easter bunny, Happy Easter everyone!



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Sixth Class Physical Education

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The weather was amazing this week so we took full advantage on two afternoons to focus on our FMS monthly skill of Sidestepping through an timed obstacle course. Students also participated in athletics (Javelin, Speed Bounce and Standing Throw), GAA more »

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